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Out Now: Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

This remix i made for Kharacho on Habité Records came out today!! (16th of jan 2012)
along with remixes by El Mariachi, Nic Quantin, Andre Rigg, Dib and Greg Defronsack.
check the buylink to go to the store ^^

and for more news “like” this page :-)

Free Download: Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb stop stå (Noraj Cue Remix)

A free download boys and girls :)

I had to glue this beautiful track to beats and seasoned it
with some funky rhodes, percussions, rythms and synths!

(original track:

go get it! grab some sunbeams & enjoy summer! ^^



Francesco Farfa – ARIA (Noraj Cue Remix)

(remixcontest entry on

I’m not really participating in alot remixcontests anymore lately.
But sometimes u hear tracks that not really need improvement but maybe a listen from a different angle.
Always big up for the designers behind the originals.
But i think the remix doesnt sounds bad as well..
listen for yourself and let me know what you think :)
To all participants, may the best win!

More info about the contest

if you like to join too, hurry up! its closing the 29th of july 2011!

K-Drive & Ginman – Ready For Sorrow (Noraj Cue Remix)

Hello Friends! 

Awhile ago i noticed there was a remixcontest running about the track “K-Drive & Ginman – Ready For Sorrow” on (producers! still lots of remixcontests running at the moment!)
As i really liked the track i decided to participate.. I proudly present the following release:
  “Ready For Sorrow (The FOEM remixes)”..the remixes winner + runners up finally get released officially! Over 150 remixes were submitted and the absolute winner, Lipelis, already got his winning remix released on the Manualism 2.0 album.However, the runners up were of a certain quality that they deserved an official release as well.On this release you’ll find the Noraj Cue, Mazel Source and Highland Brothers Inc. remixes next to the Lipelis remix + the original mixes. Be sure to check it out.. Always good to discover some fresh talents!Available NOW!! check the following link which guide you to beatport. 

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