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Free Download: Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb stop stå (Noraj Cue Remix)

A free download boys and girls :)

I had to glue this beautiful track to beats and seasoned it
with some funky rhodes, percussions, rythms and synths!

(original track:

go get it! grab some sunbeams & enjoy summer! ^^



Francesco Farfa – ARIA (Noraj Cue Remix)

(remixcontest entry on

I’m not really participating in alot remixcontests anymore lately.
But sometimes u hear tracks that not really need improvement but maybe a listen from a different angle.
Always big up for the designers behind the originals.
But i think the remix doesnt sounds bad as well..
listen for yourself and let me know what you think :)
To all participants, may the best win!

More info about the contest

if you like to join too, hurry up! its closing the 29th of july 2011!

Noraj Cue – Undesirably Disturbed EP (online again)

Today i upped the 4 track EP on the internet again, were it belongs :)
It was released on the netlabel FOEM/Cremá back in 2006.
play it / download it on soundcloud! (4 x MP3 files, 128kbps)
or download it from sendspace, better quality (4 x MP3 files, 320kbps)

Detroit Techno Classics Set

I was in the mood to mix up some good old timeless techno classics @ the SL – DEMF 2010 edition ^^ Grab it Grab it!

Noraj Cue Liveset @ DEMF 29th of May 2010 (SL Edition) (Techno Classics Set) by Noraj Cue

And play it loud! ^^


01 Dave Angel – Airborne (Carl Graig Remix)
02 States of Mind – Elements Of Tone
03 Reeko – Untitled
04 Dave Clarke – Red 2
05 Dj Rush – Look And See
06 Richie Hawtin – Minus Orange
07 Pascal FEOS – Timeless
08 Reeko – Untitled
09 Loktibrada & Takaaki Itoh – Klisna Z Hodonina
10 Reeko – Psychiatric Hospital
11 Umek – Gatex
12 DK8 – Murder Was The Bass
13 Gaiden – Point Blank (Speedy J Remix)
14 Radial – Dynamo (Loktibrada Remix)
15 Rumenige & Loktibrada – Kylie
16 Green Velvet – Flash
17 Rumenige & Loktibrada – Der Die Das (Olga & Jozef Remix)
18 Jeff Mills – The Bells
19 Marco Bailey & Redhead – Alto Cerro (Hertz & Johan Bacto Remix)
20 DJ Rush – Funk U Up (Chris Liebing Mix)
21 Renato Cohen – Pontapé
22 Aztec Mystic – Knights Of The Jaguar

new live act downloadable

Hello Folks! theres a new live-act available for download :)

Noraj Cue Live Act @ The Basement SLRFL23may2009 Playlist

you will need winrar in order to open the package..

2 hours of own unreleased productions..

0.00:00 Noraj Cue – Borderline (2009 edit)
0.02:05 Noraj Cue – Auto Animation
0.09:04 Noraj Cue – Reap What You Sow
0.15:49 Noraj Cue – Where am i
0.22:49 Noraj Cue – In Flight (Susan the Purser)
0.28:57 Noraj Cue – Sway
0.35:04 Noraj Cue – 20.000 Lightbulbs
0.40:50 Noraj Cue – Survivor
0.48:20 Noraj Cue – Decisions Decisions
0.53:03 Noraj Cue – Reply To The Sun
1.00:40 Noraj Cue – The Endless Uplifter
1.05:25 Noraj Cue – Stay Awake (offbeat edit)
1.09:38 Noraj Cue – FUcked Up
1.13:12 Noraj Cue – Offbeats After Awakenings
1.16:20 Noraj Cue – Trauma (Offbeat Train)
1.20:58 Noraj Cue – Concrete Techno
1.24:30 Noraj Cue – Trash Palace Interrupt
1.26:40 Noraj Cue – Bongorock (Part IV)
1.31:00 Noraj Cue – Sun Heat
1.36:57 Noraj Cue – Massive Gravity

Noraj Cue Live-Act @ The Basement (SL sim: TEKKON) 23rd of may 2009Recorded during
the “Relay For Life” event that took place on in order to raise money in the fight against cancer!
Bridgitte Boucher and Monosurround played too that night!! Togheter we made it over 80.000 Lindens!! (equal to 300USD of tips)

you will need winrar in order to open the package..

Hope u enjoy!


Noraj Cue

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