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5th Anniversary of FOEM @ The Basement (Second Life)

5th anniversary of @ The Basement (Second Life) 21st Sept ’08 Report is a producer/dj forum where you can place your tracks and mixes for others to be heard.

Other members will listen and comment to it, with the purpose to learn from eachother, world wide!
Lots of remixcontests, interviews, netlabel releases like big various artists compilations and single artist EP’s all at high quality 320kbps mp3′s & for free download.

This motioncapturing is a report of sunday the 21st of sept ’08 where the following artists played for more than 16 hours:

GT // Dee Green // Laurent Caligares // DJ Darkatek // DJ Acid Kills
DJ Matt Gill // Bioni Samp // Noraj Cue // Yuzien Born // Spenza
A8 // Trevor Caruso // Psonikadia // Sam Rockwell // Yallah Fingah
Freakmund Zoid // DJ Ionic // DJ Elisha Richez // DJ Grip Talon // DJ Clik // Zarbeat 

Special Thanx to: (following names are in-world names)

Video editor :: Mznu Newman
Management :: Justine Perenti // Eliza Moody
Artist Preparings :: Grip Talon // Robot Recreant
Concept, built & sceduling :: 2ndthoughts Brando
Designers :: Elisha Richez (SIKK Designs)
Designers :: alfred kabuki (F.A.T. Designs)
Designers :: Fatlula Paine
Advertising :: Rockmachine Auer // Doubledown Tandino // Elizabeth Hallstrom

And you the crowd, thank you!!

check for motioncapture + themetrack this link:

2ndthoughts Brando is Noraj Cue is 2ndthoughts Brando

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