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news januari 2009

Ha! its been awhile, but definitely time again to share some new things with you in this almost allready 1 month old 2009 :)

Im working on the following things, that will be announced later on when they will be released..

Planned for 2009….


Noraj Cue – False Truth
Noraj Cue – Nightdrive
Noraj Cue – Undo Redo
Noraj Cue – Centipede // 4 track EP // Label: Manual Music (Netherlands) 


Noraj Cue – Killing Spree // VA Album // Label: Stolen Moments (Netherlands)


Tomi Chair – Blue Fish Goes Deeper (Noraj Cue Remix) // Label: Landscape Music (Japan)



Stefano Vozza – Twenty (Noraj Cue Remix) // Label: DUBLIN XPRESS RECORDINGS (Ireland)


And more to come on 2delicious recordings for ’09! (Switzerland)


Stay tuned!!

take care,


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