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new live act downloadable

Hello Folks! theres a new live-act available for download :)

Noraj Cue Live Act @ The Basement SLRFL23may2009 Playlist

you will need winrar in order to open the package..

2 hours of own unreleased productions..

0.00:00 Noraj Cue – Borderline (2009 edit)
0.02:05 Noraj Cue – Auto Animation
0.09:04 Noraj Cue – Reap What You Sow
0.15:49 Noraj Cue – Where am i
0.22:49 Noraj Cue – In Flight (Susan the Purser)
0.28:57 Noraj Cue – Sway
0.35:04 Noraj Cue – 20.000 Lightbulbs
0.40:50 Noraj Cue – Survivor
0.48:20 Noraj Cue – Decisions Decisions
0.53:03 Noraj Cue – Reply To The Sun
1.00:40 Noraj Cue – The Endless Uplifter
1.05:25 Noraj Cue – Stay Awake (offbeat edit)
1.09:38 Noraj Cue – FUcked Up
1.13:12 Noraj Cue – Offbeats After Awakenings
1.16:20 Noraj Cue – Trauma (Offbeat Train)
1.20:58 Noraj Cue – Concrete Techno
1.24:30 Noraj Cue – Trash Palace Interrupt
1.26:40 Noraj Cue – Bongorock (Part IV)
1.31:00 Noraj Cue – Sun Heat
1.36:57 Noraj Cue – Massive Gravity

Noraj Cue Live-Act @ The Basement (SL sim: TEKKON) 23rd of may 2009Recorded during
the “Relay For Life” event that took place on in order to raise money in the fight against cancer!
Bridgitte Boucher and Monosurround played too that night!! Togheter we made it over 80.000 Lindens!! (equal to 300USD of tips)

you will need winrar in order to open the package..

Hope u enjoy!


Noraj Cue

new set available

there’s a new set available for download, mixed it yesterday..
check it out on soundcloud! (also some more new projects running there)

Cya! :)  

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