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OH! i guess i threw away the previous website last night and began to build a new one
while i was bored thinking about how to make a littlebit order out of that chaoss..
So, i pressed a few wrong buttons and it was (not like how it can be eyeopening in music) totally borked! Yay!
I hope you like my new.. thing!
And if you find anything on the site that refuses to cooperate with you, let me know ^^

Thanks for coming, please nose around, leave some comments & poke some play buttons :-)

Nod on!


Out Now: Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

This remix i made for Kharacho on Habité Records came out today!! (16th of jan 2012)
along with remixes by El Mariachi, Nic Quantin, Andre Rigg, Dib and Greg Defronsack.
check the buylink to go to the store ^^

and for more news “like” this page :-)

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