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Noraj Cue – Play Us A Song (Original Mix) (1080p HD)

[Chill Out] Noraj Cue – Play Us A Song (Original Mix) (1080p HD / testvid220312)

“Play Us A Song” is based on people asking me to play a song on the piano.
Because they i know started with piano lessons on the age of 7. I stopped 2,5 years later.
But, unfortunately i dont play alot on that beautiful instrument anymore.
Until i found a dusty old piano during my nightshifts in a empty building.
I started to play a little bit… and worked it out later @ home..
so, this is for them ;-)

Music by Noraj Cue, Images are taken from the great BBC documentary “Planet Earth”

Noraj Cue – Borobudur (Original Mix)

check out my new track :-)

Noraj Cue – Borobudur (Original Mix) (Unreleased)

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