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Angelo D’onorio – Memories (Noraj Cue Remix)

My remix for Angelo D’onorio just got released today! check it out…

Legendary Amsterdam DJ and producer Angelo D’onorio joins the Manual Music family with a bomb of a track called ‘Memories’. Angelo D’onorio has been dedicated to dance m

usic for almost two decades. In the nineties he made fame in Holland as DJ Angelo. At that time he was a resident at the well-known clubs: Mazzo, Roxy and Paradiso. His ‘Memories’ has that summer feel combined with a melody that will be stuck in your head for ages.. A winning combination! And if the original alone doesn’t satisfy your needs, we offer a nice pack of remixes..

First up on remix duties we welcome PrinsJan & Dennis Ruyer, driving forces behind the infamous radio show and podcast Dance Department. They add the big room flavour to the original, one for the masses! Noraj Cue is a familiar name on Manual Music, this resident artist takes ‘Memories’ in a more melodic techno direction, intense! Last up we’re proud to welcome a new name on board: talented Portugese producer D-Mand. We’ve been following this guy for a while now and felt it was time to ask him on board for this remix, and boy howdy he doesn’t dissapoint!


the full album can be bought here:http://manualmusic.bandcamp.com/album/memories

Modul – Home (Noraj Cue Remix) released today!

The remix i made for Modul came out today on Rezongar Music!

check it out here:

Noraj Cue – Play Us A Song (Original Mix) (1080p HD)

[Chill Out] Noraj Cue – Play Us A Song (Original Mix) (1080p HD / testvid220312)

“Play Us A Song” is based on people asking me to play a song on the piano.
Because they i know started with piano lessons on the age of 7. I stopped 2,5 years later.
But, unfortunately i dont play alot on that beautiful instrument anymore.
Until i found a dusty old piano during my nightshifts in a empty building.
I started to play a little bit… and worked it out later @ home..
so, this is for them ;-)

Music by Noraj Cue, Images are taken from the great BBC documentary “Planet Earth”

Noraj Cue – Borobudur (Original Mix)

check out my new track :-)

Noraj Cue – Borobudur (Original Mix) (Unreleased)


OH! i guess i threw away the previous website last night and began to build a new one
while i was bored thinking about how to make a littlebit order out of that chaoss..
So, i pressed a few wrong buttons and it was (not like how it can be eyeopening in music) totally borked! Yay!
I hope you like my new.. thing!
And if you find anything on the site that refuses to cooperate with you, let me know ^^

Thanks for coming, please nose around, leave some comments & poke some play buttons :-)

Nod on!


Out Now: Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

Kharacho – Dare (Noraj Cue Remix)

This remix i made for Kharacho on Habité Records came out today!! (16th of jan 2012)
along with remixes by El Mariachi, Nic Quantin, Andre Rigg, Dib and Greg Defronsack.
check the buylink to go to the store ^^

and for more news “like” this page :-) http://www.facebook.com/norajcuemusic

Dave Clarke [#Whitenoise] plays Noraj Cue – Sound Blizzard!

Dave Clarke [#Whitenoise] plays Noraj Cue – Sound Blizzard!! (Radio Version)

check it out! ^^

and for more news “like” this page :-) http://www.facebook.com/norajcuemusic

Free Download: Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb stop stå (Noraj Cue Remix)

A free download boys and girls :)

I had to glue this beautiful track to beats and seasoned it
with some funky rhodes, percussions, rythms and synths!

(original track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKMaGxZCiqo)

go get it! grab some sunbeams & enjoy summer! ^^



Francesco Farfa – ARIA (Noraj Cue Remix)

(remixcontest entry on FOEM.info)

I’m not really participating in alot remixcontests anymore lately.
But sometimes u hear tracks that not really need improvement but maybe a listen from a different angle.
Always big up for the designers behind the originals.
But i think the remix doesnt sounds bad as well..
listen for yourself and let me know what you think :)
To all participants, may the best win!

More info about the contest

if you like to join too, hurry up! its closing the 29th of july 2011!

Noraj Cue – Reply To The Sun [Manual Music]

For the third year in a row we are giving birth to a ‘Summer Movement’ various artists release on Manual Music, presenting music that makes you feel summerish instantly when you hear it somewhere.

This year we welcome two familiar faces back on board: Dutchmen Noraj Cue and Tundra. But naturally we’re also keeping an eye open for talent from all around the world, and are proud to welcome Gisberto (NL), Elorn (FR) and XY-ME (UK) on board for their debut on Manual Music.

A versatile release, balancing between techhouse, melodic techno, neotrance and breakbeats, with one key word: quality. Something for everyone here for sure.

Enjoy this release, enjoy the summer of 2011!

*click to take you to the store now!*

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